The story behind "Pouyasnap"
In 2014, when I was introduced to Snapchat App, I used its drawing feature to draw cartoons on the pictures that I took with the app. I occasionally used my index finger and a stylus to draw on a small phone screens. The whole idea was to bring my imagination to life by blending illustrations into pictures. That's how I started a social media name of "Pouyasnap". I've used Snapchat for a few years, but I wasn't satisfied with the outcome. I was seeking for creating more sophisticated and detailed drawings, hence I moved on from drawing on Snapchat and started using Adobe Photoshop and Fresco to create my artworks. The move gave me more freedom to create works that I can showcase in different mediuem. Through past few years I've been featured in various websites, and news agencies such as NYMag, W Magazine, BlogTo, and CBC Radio.

I'm in Media