I'm Pouya!

Product Designer . Illustrator . Graphic Designer based in Torotno, Canada.


I am an art enthusiast and creative product designer with experience in UIUX , graphic design, and illustration. With background in engineering, not only I pursued my career in industrial companies as an engineer, but also has been working in tech sectors as an art director and product designer. 

My Skills

Product Design

Lead and create fully-functional products from ideation, analyse, and research to prototype, feedback gathering and final designs.


Extensive experience in creating digital illustrations using Adobe Illustrator.

Identity & Branding

Working closely with clients to create a brand personality, logo, mascot, and marketing materials. 

Motion Graphics

Experienced in creating short motion graphics and animations using Adobe After Effect.

UI/UX Design

Design User Experience and User Interface of mobile/web applications. 

Digital Art

Experienced in creating digital drawing using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  

Featured on

New York Mag
CBC Metro Morning